Mill Liner Expert Tips to Improve Your Grinding Process

In the video above, the mill liner expert, responsible for technical support shares insights gained from 27 years of experience. To begin the focus is on the dynamic nature of mill-lining applications, highlighting the constant changes in customer objectives and challenges. Challenges arise as properties change, tonnage needs fluctuate, and equipment undergoes upgrades.

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Effective grinding in the mill is crucial, requiring suppliers to anticipate changes, collect relevant data, and understand customer objectives to provide optimal support.

Next, the reporter delves into the significance of mill lining beyond its physical presence. Emphasizing that mill lining impacts the performance of the grinding wheel, material throughput, and the design of the entire system, the reporter discusses a diverse range of liners, including rubber, polymer, and metallic options. The potential to combine different types of liners is highlighted, allowing for the engineering of sophisticated solutions that enhance wire life, reduce weight, maximize capacity, and facilitate ease of maintenance.

Furthermore, specific innovations are explored, such as the Mega Line designed to minimize downtime and increase work efficiency during liner replacement. The reporter also mentions the use of simulation tools to select the best lining solutions. The reporter expresses enthusiasm for the job, citing the continuous stream of new challenges to address any given scenario in the field of mill lining.

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