Literal Truck Full of Money Spews on to Road

No matter how minor, car accidents are never something you want to witness. That is, unless you were on Route 10 in Cranston, Rhode Island on August 30th.

Why? Because during this accident, a truck literally spilled money onto the road.

The driver of a Garda armored truck lost control of the vehicle. The truck swerved right, going off of the highway and onto the grass. It then rolled onto its left side, facing the wrong way, and spewed out bags of money.

“There were bags of it all over the place” said Deputy Fire Chief Paul Valletta Jr.. “There were quite a few people here.”

Although passersby swarmed the scene, it was not clear whether or not anyone had taken some of the money and run.

Unfortunately, the driver and a passenger who’d been in the back with the money were hurt in the accident.

“The back doors were open before we got here,” said Valetta, which made it easy for rescue crews to pull the passenger out from the rear. However, a partition blocked the rescue team from getting to the driver.

“We weren’t going to go through the [wall of the] armored car, so we had to improvise,” said Valetta. In order to get the driver out, they popped a side door and “cut the seats out to give us some room.”

Both suffered cuts, bruises, and possible injuries to their necks and backs. They were taken to Rhode Island Hospital for treatment. Neither patient’s condition were immediately ascertainable.

As for the money, a second Garda truck was called in to transfer the money under the watchful eye of state police.

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