Lava Flow Threatens to Destroy Auto Parts Store, Owners Sell “Go With the Flow Tour” T-Shirts Depicting Lava Eating Town

With lava making a slow, steady, destructive march on Hawaii’s big island, Brady and Myke Metcalf naturally worried that their auto parts store might burn down, and realized they needed to come up with a backup plan.

“We needed a Plan B,” said Brady. “We needed some way to keep some money coming in.”

So the two put their heads together, and decided that they should make and sell t-shirts. If worse came to worst, they could sell the custom tees from the back of their truck.

“I think this idea is great! Lava is one of the only natural disasters that will give you time to design and print a t-shirt,” exclaims Eric Uzelac from The Shirt Printer.

The shirts are fun and simple; they depict lava flowing down a main road between quaint storefronts. A boy rides the lava on a surfboard, while the Hawaiian volcano goddess Pele stretches her arms above.

“We wanted it to look like a rock concert shirt,” Brady said. The pair came up with the design after a few beers and margaritas.

Below the art, the shirt reads “2014 Go With the Flow Tour,” and lists the famous sites on Hawaii Island that the lava destroyed and the dates when they happened. The last stop on the Go With the Flow Tour is the Pahoa Auto Parts store, which is dated “2014-2015?”

So far, they’ve sold about 500 of the shirts both locally and internationally. People as far away as Germany, Spain, Canada, Texas, and even Indiana have bought one.

However, at least three people have taken offense to the shirt, either objecting to the use of Pele or objecting to the depiction of a lava-covered Pahoa.

“The picture of the lava, this isn’t us wishing for this to happen,” explained Brady, defending their light-hearted approach to an event that’s kept Hawaiian citizens on edge for months. “It’s a cartoon.”

“This is Pahoa,” said Myke. “We’re showing that the community is still here.”

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