Kansas Registers Thousandth Roofer Under Roofing Contractor Registration Act

If you own your own home or rental properties, repairs are an important part of keeping your assets well maintained. Roofing problems are common issues faced by many property owners. Not only is it important to regularly inspect your roof for damage, but it’s also critical to immediately address any problems you might find. Read on for tips on finding a roof repair contractor.

How can I find general roofing contractors near me?

Referrals are a great way to find contractors who’ve done good work for friends and family members in the past. Contact the recommended gutter and roofing company and ask for a written estimate to get started. You can also use an online search engine to search for “how to find a roofer in my area.”

How much do house roofing contractors cost?

The amount of money you’ll most likely end up spending on roofing repairs depends on several factors, including the square footage of the area that needs work, as well as labor and material costs.

How do I get the best price on roof repairs?

Consider getting written estimates from several contractors. But keep in mind that while you should take price into consideration, it’s important to also consider factors such as quality.

Last week, the Kansas Attorney General’s office approved its thousandth roofing contractor to lawfully conduct business in the state.

The 1,000 registration mark comes 14 months after the passing of Kansas’ new Roofing Contractor Registration Act, which aims to hold roofers more accountable and protect customers from scams.

Though 1,000 registrations have been filed, there are a few roofers who failed to renew their registrations, so the current number of roofers who can legally do business in Kansas is hovering around 926.

The requirement to register is statewide, and more requirements and restrictions may be added at a city or county level.

Over 25 states have passed legislature that requires roofers to be licensed or registered to some degree, and more and more states are seeking to pass similar legislation in order to provide more accountability for fly-by-night or stormchasing roofers who won’t get the job done well.

“In the state of Missouri it’s important for consumers to make sure that their contractor is licensed in their state, and has the proper insurance,” says Gregg Buffington, President of Buff Exteriors LLC. “Verifying this can help consumers avoid scams by out of state storm chasers.”

Such legislature also aims to combat illegitimate parties like the pair of fake roofing inspectors who robbed two elderly sisters last month in Hempfield Township near Pittsburgh. In every state, it’s becoming increasingly important for individuals to check the credentials of any roofer they hire to avoid being drawn in by con artists.

According to wibw.com, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt said “When considering roofing work on a home or business, it is important that consumers make sure their roofing contractor is properly registered before signing any contract or having any work done. Consumers should request a copy of their roofer’s registration certificate and then should check our consumer protection website to confirm that the registration remains active.”

He added that any citizens of Kansas who are approached about roofing services by unregistered individuals or companies should report these people immediately. An online registration directory can be found online.

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