Jacksonville, NC Widow’s Roof Repaired By Local Volunteers and Businesses

When you think of charitable causes, the first thought that comes to mind probably isn’t a professional roof replacement. Yet for one legally blind senior citizen, Marge Fitzgerald, some timely donations from local Jacksonville N.C. businesses turned out to be a real house saver. She had a roof in need of replacement but was tight on funds. Luckily, the community got her a new roof.

Hired roofing experts looked at common roof leak locations and also the common causes of roof leaks before repairing and replacing her shingles and roof as needed. This prevented common roof leaks while also adding years of life to her home and property.

The cost to fix flashing on the roof and to stop leaks was considerable. Still, through with donated funds, the roof was fixed.

If you are suffering from common roof leaks, peeling shingles, and other issues, it’s time to get your roof fixed by roofing pros. The sooner you act, the better. Roofs provide protection against storms, including wind and rain.

A professionally built and installed roof will provide ample protection against most conditions for many years. Yet it’s important to ensure that your roof is built with the highest quality materials and is installed by roofing professionals.

For 89-year-old Marjorie “Marge” Fitzgerald of Jacksonville, N.C., taking care of the needed repair work in her home is a challenge, especially with her health problems.

Fitzgerald, who is legally blind, has lived alone ever since her husband, Marine Master Sgt. Harry Fitzgerald, a three-time war veteran, passed away in 2001. To deal with the frequent leaks her home’s deteriorating roof was causing, Fitzgerald had been using large buckets to catch the water.

This is why, from Sept. 15 to 17, a team of volunteers from the surrounding community all came together to give Fitzgerald the roofing repair she needed, according to the Jacksonville Daily News.

According to the Daily News article, VFW Post 9133 provided $200, and the Ladies Auxiliary of Post 9133 donated an additional $800 to fund the repairs. An anonymous member of the organization lent another $200.

The Burton Cowell Post 265 of the American Legion, an organization that helps veterans’ families who might not qualify for financial help from the VA, contributed $500, the Daily News reported, while Sandoval Roofing provided the labor to complete the repairs. Randolph Thomas, a local businessman, organized the project and provided any additional funding needed.

“A lot of people came together to get it done with no cost to her,” Thomas said. “I am just tickled to death that we were able to get it done.”

Letting a home’s roof go unrepaired can have dire consequences for the people living in the home. When a roof has aged and become damaged over the years, it gradually loses its ability to stand up to storms and severe weather. Damaged roofs are also less energy-efficient, and will usually result in high utility bills each month. And if left unrepaired long enough, it’s even possible that a roof can eventually collapse!

So for Fitzgerald, this roofing repair wasn’t just a matter of eliminating those pesky leaks — it was a necessity to ensure the survival of her home.


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