Innovative Home Security System “Notion” Exceeds Fundraising Goal in Less Than a Day on Kickstarter

What if there was a sensor that could be picked up and placed anywhere around a home? Intelligent security devices that could be put on a front door to see when the kids were home from school, placed in the basement to see if the lights were left on, or put on a liquor cabinet to see if anyone’s trying to sneak a drink?

Such a gadget would naturally attract both a lot of attention and funding, so it’s no surprise that the Kickstarter campaign for the device, called Notion, surpassed its goal of $50,000 in less than 24 hours, and has continued to gain backing at a break-neck pace.

Just two days after getting started, Denver-based Loop Labs, Inc. has raised more than $80,000 for a new device it describes as being more than just a home security device. Its website says that Notion is a “small, extremely smart, multi-function sensor that can be placed anywhere and can help you know more about what’s happening in your home.”

With its seven different advanced sensors, Notion can detect such things as “acceleration, water leaks, sound, temperature, light, orientation, natural frequency, and proximity,” which means users “can know things like how full a propane tank is … the second there is a water leak, if a gun safe has been accessed and much more.”

Notion comes with a companion app, which it uses to alert users. The development team made the app intuitive, so it can learn more about a user, and about the daily goings-on in the home, over time. This allows it to only notify the user when they’d want to be alerted.

Such a product could be innovative for a number of industries, including the realty and home security sectors.

A Notion System includes: multi-function sensors, which can detect eight customized actions; a hub, which processes the sensors’ information; and a mobile app, which allows “you to be home, even when you’re not.”

The Kickstarter campaign will end on October 16th.

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