How Long Do Electrolysis Treatments Last?

Sometimes, it’s best for hair to simply go away. Many people have unwanted hair growth. In the past, this often meant constant shaving and trimming. These days, however, it’s possible to remove hair permanently with electrolysis. Wondering how long electrolysis treatments take? Let’s take a look. Keep in mind that treatment times and the number of applications needed to achieve the desired results can vary from patient to patient.

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A single electrolysis treatment will typically last between 15 minutes to 1 hour. Often, the difference in treatment time per session comes down to how large of an area is being treated. Generally speaking, a given area of skin will have to be treated several times in order to remove all of the hair.

Quite likely, many of the hairs in a treated area will be removed during any given electrolysis treatment session. However, not all of the hairs will typically be removed permanently all at once. Some hairs will persist. Some hairs will be removed but then grow back. This makes it necessary to treat a given part of the skin multiple times.

In some cases, someone may need only a few treatment sessions to achieve the desired results. However, most people will need to undergo 8 to 12 sessions. Some folks will need to undergo additional treatment sessions. Keep all this in mind when considering electrolysis treatments.


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