How is a Cooling Tower Cleaned?

Whether you are looking to become an HVAC professional or you just want to know what the steps of cooling tower cleaning services are, you’ve come to the right place. In this video, an HVAC professional will take us through this cleaning process step by step. There are certain tools and equipment you need in order to clean a cooling tower, so it’s essential that you hire a professional for these services.

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This cleaning process is very extensive and you must know what each wire does before you begin unplugging certain valves. This way, you will ensure you are not causing harm to a business’s or your own cooling tower during this procedure. This cleaning process is very important to have routinely because it can increase the cooling tower’s lifespan as well as improve its efficiency. You must ensure that none of the water you are draining out of the cooling tower goes into the street. This can be extremely harmful to the environment and to you, so it’s important that you have a hose to lead this water into the sewer.

To learn even more about this process and why it is so important, watch this video!


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