How a Roofer Professionally Installs a Drip Edge

Most homeowners aren’t familiar with every part of their roof system. One of the more often overlooked roofing materials is drip edge. Your roof’s drip edge is a specialized form of metal flashing that is installed at the edges of the roof. It is designed to divert water away from the vulnerable materials under the shingles or metal that protect your roof from rainwater. Without a drip edge, water is likely to flow behind your gutters, damaging your fascia boards and roof decking.

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A professional roofer will always include drip edge in a new roof installation. However, if an amateur installed your roof, it could be missing its drip edge. Pay attention to signs of water damage around your gutters and at the edges of your roof in general. Sever cases of water damage can be visible in your attic, which means you won’t have to climb a ladder outside to find the damage you suspect is there.

If you’re interested in how a roofer professionally installs drip edge, the video posted above is a great resource. In the video, a professional roofer explains what drip edge is and how to install it when doing a new roof installation project.

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