How a Fire Sprinkler Works

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Fire sprinkler systems are an important feature to any building. Smoke alarms, control panels, emergency exits, and sprinklers are all necessary for proper fire safety. This article explains how fire sprinklers work to keep buildings safe in case of an emergency.

Fire sprinkler contractors will install sprinklers throughout a building in a special design to maximize their effectiveness. A sprinkler is comprised of a plug, glass bulb, frame, and sprinkler head. It is connected to a water system that goes throughout the building.

The plug holds the water flowing through the pipes at bay. The glass bulb is will break when the temperature of a room gets high enough. There are different colored bulbs that correspond to different breaking points. For example, red bulbs break at 153 degrees Fahrenheit and green bulbs break at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the bulb breaks, the plug comes out and water flows through the frame and onto the sprinkler head which spreads it across the room. Some sprinklers operate on a dry-pipe system that is also heat-activated. This prevents unnecessary damage if the bulb is broken accidentally. Water won’t flow unless there is a fire.

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