Home Renovation Industry Growing Strong in Southern United States

Due to the costs of consolidating facilities and shutting down a brand, flooring manufacturer Dixie Group, Inc. lost money in 2014, in spite of an 18.1% gain in sales in the same year. In a February statement, the Dixie Group announced that it had lost $5.2 million in the fourth quarter, and stocks fell 30 cents per share in response to the announcement.

CEO Dan Frierson remains optimistic despite the discouraging fourth quarter. Between 2009 and 2014, the United States flooring industry grew an estimated 1.1% annually, while the Dixie Group saw a 96% increase in sales in that same time frame.

“We believe the consumer preference for innovated fashion and better quality products will continue to provide us with the opportunity to grow our business and outperform the industry.” Frierson explained in the February conference call. He went on to add that facility re-alignment had the biggest impact on the company’s bottom line, and that 2015 would be a stronger sales year all around.

The flooring industry isn’t the only renovation sector to see significant growth. In Alabama, the Pike County Courthouse is undergoing remodeling to upgrade its technology, and make the layout more comfortable. The jury box will be expanded to allow jurors to see and hear testimony and evidence as needed, as well as to provide seating for alternate jurors. An audience rail and new judge’s bench will also be added to the courtroom.

In addition to making changes to improve the courtroom’s comfort level, renovators are attempting to make it a little more user-friendly. To prevent lawyer’s having to pull televisions into the room, the cords of which can be a tripping hazard, a new pull-down screen and projector will be installed in the courtroom. The upgrade will bring the county courtroom up to standards set by example at the state level.

Pike County Commission Administrator Harry Sanders told TroyMessenger.com that he believed the renovations were needed.

“It will be an upgrade and an improvement in the courthouse. It will help the judges and the people who utilize the courtroom perform their duties better… It’ll just be a better environment for them to work in.”

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