Helpful Tips for Commercial Property Remodeling

In the business world, companies have a reputation to uphold. Worldwide, there are around 400 million entrepreneurs competing for a slice of the proverbial pie. In such a competitive market, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle. Customers want to do business with a company that they can trust. These companies will do all that they can to create that sterling reputation that most desire. A large part of the reputation is the business itself.

While watching a television commercial, there’s a good chance that it will prominently feature the building where business is conducted. When customers walk into your facility, they will want to feel a sense of trust. If they see a building in disarray that sense of trust will be eroded. During the commercial property remodeling process, there are a number of important factors to consider. By following these helpful tips, your design build remodeling will go smoothly and efficiently.


Every building needs to have quality plumbing. When plumbing issues arise, you will be in for a world of hurt. The cost for repairs can be rather expensive. For a small business especially, this can be devastating. Since going without adequate plumbing is not feasible, it is imperative that it gets taken care of as soon as possible. You can find the right plumbing services in your area by looking at online reviews and soliciting recommendations from family, friends, and colleagues. You can also take several preventative measures during the commercial property remodeling process.

Frequent plumbing system checkups are essential to maintaining the overall system and avoiding any concerns. By checking the pipes and fixtures frequently, you can nip the problem in the bud before it snowballs into something gravely worse. Rusted pipes are often the source of plumbing problems. They can contaminate the water and present several health concerns among the building’s residents. If the building is older, you will want to monitor the status of the pipes and they may need to be replaced. By doing these system checks, you can help save yourself from a financial burden or a lot of hassles.

Commercial roofing

For any building, whether it be commercial or residential, the roof is one of the most important parts of it. Roofs help prevent against weather damage. Unfortunately, wear and tear will take its toll on a roof. For commercial property remodeling, you will need to find the right roofer. Commercial building roofs are vastly different than residential ones. You will need to find quality commercial roofing contractors to choose from. They specialize in commercial properties and what it takes to maintain them.

One of the most obvious differences is the shape of the roof. Residential roofs are most often sloped, so that rain and snow can slide off. There are not many obstacles on these roofs when workers are up there. Commercial roofs most often have a flat top roof. Since these roofs have a flat top roof, rainwater is likely to pool. This is one of the issues that most residential properties do not have to consider. Maintenance checks on these roofs are essential in the commercial property remodeling process. Like the rainwater, commercial roofs face several issues that their residential counterparts do not. These roofs need to be strong to hold some of the structures that are up there. Commercial roofs are more function focused rather than appearance. Due to their design, the appearance is not much of a concern. You might find some possible obstacles on the roof of a commercial building. They are needed to store the maintenance structures such as, external piping, HVAC systems, communication equipment and more. It is important for the roofer to consider these items when performing maintenance.

Electrical remodeling

Another essential remodeling project is the electrical maintenance. Electricity is vital to have a constant workflow every day. Should a breakdown occur, production in the office would halt. Computers wouldn’t work and data could be lost. Any other mechanical processes would also be severely hampered. With a slowed down, or shut down, production you could be putting your business behind the eight ball. This presents a potentially disastrous situation. Getting these electrical problems rectified, or completely avoided, is ideal. You will need to find a top shelf electrical contractor to perform the commercial property remodeling process.

When conducting electrical work in your commercial building, there are a number of helpful tips in order to keep everything running smoothly and safely. Regular inspections are a must. This can help identify faulty wiring and potential problems. Some appliances are used more than others. Those that are not used as often should be switched off as much as possible. This will help conserve energy and prevent any electrical trips. The placement of the electrical cords is another important factor. They should be placed in a position where they’re not exposed. Against the wall is the best area for them. If you have cords outside, make sure that they are shielded from the weather.

The lighting is another electrical unit that requires special attention. Regular inspection of lighting fixtures can help prevent accidents. When replacing bulbs, make sure that the lighting is all turned off. Another important step is to make sure that your employees are well versed in how the machines run and their proper usage. If you are hiring for a new maintenance person, it would be wise to hire one with electrical unit experience. They should know how to safely handle the units and help to rectify any issues. However, any large-scale electrical repair jobs should be left to a trained electrician. Electrical work is a vital priority in commercial property remodeling.


There is a lot that goes into commercial property remodeling. Once you have completed the project, proper maintenance is required in order to keep it looking nice. The cleaning and restoration process will help with the upkeep. You should work out a contract with a professional cleaning service and schedule regular appointments with them. Day to day upkeep is important, but you should hire the cleaning crew for a deep clean of the office regularly. You can also encourage your employees to participate in the cleaning process as well. During some downtime, they can help clean their offices or cubicles. The break room is often the area that needs the most TLC. You can discourage or outright ban employees from heating up certain messy foods. If they do make a mess in the microwave, the staff should be held accountable and clean up after themselves. If everyone shows some respect, the whole building will be looking good as new.

Waste disposal

Commercial waste disposal is not a process that people like to talk about but is necessary for every business to function. Failure to address any issues with it can result in a disastrous and unsavory situation. You should establish a good working relationship with your waste disposal company. They can make regularly scheduled visits to unload the contents of the dumpster. It is important to not procrastinate. Do not wait until it has reached the capacity to contact the company. They may be busy and unable to come to unload right away. Once it has reached about 80 to 85% capacity, you should contact the company.

Before they do unload, it is important that you take good care of the dumpster itself. Your employees should be knowledgeable in what is allowed. Certain materials, like chemicals and other hazardous materials, should never be placed in the dumpster. Trash chutes can be frequently clogged. A large apparatus, such as a pole, should be used to unclog it. It is best to use common sense. Tell employees to break down any large objects before throwing them down the chute. Consider posting warning signs about the proper dumpster maintenance. This can remind them what should and should not go in the dumpster. Waste disposal is another vital part of the commercial property remodeling course.


Sometimes there’s just not enough space for everything. Storage is another important component of any commercial business. Whether you need a space for tools, equipment, paperwork, or even holiday decorations, storing it all away can be a tricky process. In the midst of the commercial property remodeling process, storage space should be a high priority.

Storage is generally used for items that are not actively needed now but will be in the near future. Organization is the key component of storage. You might go weeks, months, or even years before you have to use that particular item. It’s unlikely that you can rely solely on memory when going to find it. If you have it meticulously organized and categorized, you should be able to find that item without a concern. Find some kind of organization method that you can utilize. It can be as basic as alphabetically or chronologically or a more advanced method.

Depending on the size of your building, you might need more space to fulfill your needs. In this situation, you can find a commercial storage unit to rent. This can be useful for storing some larger items such as tools and equipment. Since these units are off-site, they should be reserved for infrequently used items. If there’s something you need every few weeks, making constant trips to the storage unit could be an annoyance. These units are more suited for items that go several months between usage.

When using a storage unit, security is the number one priority. An on-site storage room could be easily monitored. The distance between your building and storage facility, however, could leave it susceptible to a break-in. If you are storing sensitive materials, such as personal documents, make security an even greater priority. The best way to secure your property is to limit access to it. Make sure that the only employees who can access it are the most trusted ones. If a keyholder were to leave the company, make sure that they turn in their key. You should consult the storage company and inquire about what security systems they have in place.

Heating and cooling

During a typical office day, you hope that everyone in the building is comfortable. Whether it’s too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer, your employees will be the ones suffering. Irritability can set in and hamper their work ethic. If they are comfortable, they can better concentrate and deliver your company those desired results and valuable production. You will want your building to have proper working heating and cooling systems. In order for these systems to work, you will need the right fuel search. Consult your local commercial fuel services to choose the best option. Some popular heat sources include oil and gas.

During the commercial property remodeling phase, making sure there are no issues with the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Like the many other systems that keep your building running, you will need to do frequent checkups and tests. Major repair work should be done by certified HVAC technicians. These repairs can be incredibly costly. System checks and tests are much more affordable and can help prevent major breakdowns. You can schedule these tests once or twice a year. HVAC contractors are usually most busy during the summer and winter months. Consider scheduling a checkup during an “off” time of the year. They may offer some more affordable rates during their down periods. You can also enlist your maintenance crew to perform some basic tests to help identify and rectify budding problems.

When you run a business you want to put your best foot forward. You want to not only take pride in the work that you do, but also in the building. The building that you come into is one of the faces of the company. Whether you are building from the ground up or you have found a new commercial property for sale, you will want it to be in as pristine a condition as possible. You also take pride in the work your employees put forward. Making sure that everything is in order for them is a top priority. This is the building that they walk into every day. They are the backbone of the business and you will want to make them feel comfortable. The commercial property remodeling process will help ensure that.

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