Hawaiian Teen Robs Banks to Get a Root Canal

There are many advanced dental care treatments that people take advantage of to protect their teeth and gums and maintain healthy smiles. The root canal treatment is among one of the most common of these treatments. Even people who have never had one done usually know what they are, at least at a basic level, even if they use another name for root canal treatments. So, it is easy to see that the root canal is an important part of advantage treatments for damaged teeth.

If you are dealing with a bad nerve in tooth and the related pain and discomfort, then a root canal may be a viable option to talk to your dentist about. If your current dentist is not an oral surgeon, they can recommend you to a dentist for root canal specialist treatments who can help you. Any dental care expert can answer your questions about these procedures and help you understand how do dentists do root canals. So get started today and get the treatment you need to keep your teeth healthy and strong!

What would you do if you robbed 3 banks? What would you spend your newly-acquired loot on? For one genius 19-year-old, all he wanted was to get some dental work done.

The Hawaiian native was involved in an armed robbery at both a recycling center and three banks in Oahu, walking away with roughly $41,000. According to the FBI, the majority of the money was spent on getting a root canal.

To secure the cash, Marcus Kalani Watson pointed a loaded pistol at the chest of a worker at the Reynolds Recycling center and threatened to shoot after the cash was thrown on the ground. The robbery occurred on April 22, according to the FBI.

Having dental work done might have been one of the best decisions Marcus Kalani Watson has made, though posting his hoard of cash all over Facebook was not a smart move. When an individual experiences swelling or sensitivity to hot and cold foods, this is a sure sign of a dead, decaying, or infected nerve inside the canal of the tooth. The only way to eliminate the pain is to undergo a root canal procedure.

Watson is accused of holding up bank tellers at the Wahiawa branch of Central Pacific Bank, the Pearlridge, and Salt Lake branches of American Savings Bank in May. Watson along with two other teens were involved in the American Savings Bank robberies, the FBI said in a statement.

Salina Althof, Watson’s federal public defense lawyer, declined to comment on these activities.

A recent informant told FBI agents that Watson had used some of his stolen money to purchase a used Lexus for $2,000 and have the root canal. Last year, more than 20 million Americans underwent a root canal procedure. The officer manager of a dental office in Honolulu told the agents that Watson paid $2,810 in cash for the dental work.

Tooth decay is estimated to be four times more common than asthma among adolescents, with gum disease being the leading cause of tooth loss. Low income families whose children are still in grade school are not able to afford proper dental care, most skimping on the benefits of seeing a dentist because it’s too expensive. Those with insurance also struggle to pay the difference from what the insurance company covers and what they need to pay.

With his new ride and his improved smile, Watson was able to avoid agents until just this past Tuesday, August 19, where he was finally arrested at the Honolulu International Airport after coming back from Oakland, California. Watson’s friend, who was also present at one of the bank robberies, was also arrested at the airport.

Watson appeared in court on Wednesday, August 20, and was given a federal public lawyer to represent him. Watson is currently being held without bail and a detention hearing is set for next week.

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