Goodness Company Chosen Out of 500+ Illinois Companies to Receive Marketing Award

The US Trade & Commerce Institute (USTCRI) had chosen to award The Goodness Company with their 2013 Illinois Excellence in Marketing Award. The company, which concentrates on conducting market research for small businesses throughout the country, was chosen after consideration of over 500 same-industry companies for the award.

The USTCRI gives out several awards each year to different industries in order to recognize businesses that truly excel and contribute to a better business environment in Illinois. The state wants to recognize market leaders for the ways in which they serve as leaders for other small businesses in Illinois.

The Goodness Company is an example of a company that has committed itself to strong business ethnics, and one that is creating benchmarks for others in the industry to follow as far as customer care and quality of work is concerned. The Goodness Company helps small businesses with web development, social media, branding, video marketing and more. As they point out on their website, Americans spend more 12.5 hours a week online — companies can no longer afford to ignore the power of a good website, and powerful web advertising.

“In today’s market environment, many companies want overnight results with minimal investment,” explains Patrick Goodness, the company’s CEO, regarding the award. “Our clients understand that long-term, sustainable growth requires a commitment to planning, consistent investment and patience to see this work through to the end. We are grateful for this award from USTCRI as an affirmation of our commitment to our valuable clients.”

To decide on a winner for this category, USTCRI conducted extensive research into Illinois’ business climate. Illinois is hoping to encourage small businesses to continue operating successfully within the state. In the U.S., small businesses employ over 50% of the private sector workforce, and a disproportionate percentage of the gross national product in comparison to larger companies.

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