Emma Bonney of England Wins World Billiards Championship, Beats Umadevi

The WLBSA World Billiards Championship was exciting for many, and disappointing for some when former champion Revanna Umadevi’s run came to an end as she lost to Emma Bonney 209-226. The final took place at Leeds, UK where Bonney is a local favorite.

The game lasted over two hours, and both players were at their best. Umadevi was leading by a small margin at one point, but missed a cannon, allowing Booney to make a comeback. Bonney pulled ahead at the end and was able to land her eighth world title.

In Bonney’s game against Eva Palmius, she managed to score the maximum possible 10 shot. She was able to maintain a 100% record that helped her score a place in the final match. Umadevi had the only 50+ break in the competition, and was a favorite in her home country of India.

“What a great re-match between two phenomenal cueists!,” says Michael Nekahi, owner of Black Pine Billiards. “Watching a match of this caliber makes you want to practice and get better. Young, talented individuals like this also bring awareness to this great game and encourage new players to pick up a stick and play. Billiards is an amazing game because it is fun at any age and at any skill level.”

Umadevi won the world title in 2012 after beating Eva Palmius, and won her first international title against Bonney back in 2012 as well. She was not able to attend last year’s games owing to passport issues. Within the five-member league phase leading up to the final, Umadevi lost against Bonney and won against Hannah Jones, Eva Palmius and Gaye Jones.

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