Ellen DeGeneres To Share Her Passion of Home Design in New Realty TV Show

Television personality Ellen DeGeneres is teaming up with HGTV to launch a new show. The talk show host “announced ‘Ellen’s Design Challenge,’ a six-episode design show to air next year… in which contestants will compete to build furniture,” The New York Times reportedWednesday.
Many do not realize that DeGeneres harbors a deep passion for interior design, art, and furniture. “I’m so excited about this show because I love finding really special pieces of furniture,” DeGeneres said in a HGTV statement. “One time I found a beautiful one-of-a-kind armoire that spoke to me in a way I’d never experienced.”

DeGeneres, 56, and wife and actress Portia de Rossi, 41, have a history of real estate hopping. Designers and friends close to DeGeneres suggest that the couple’s tendency to buy and sell does not stem from restlessness, but a strong ambition and an endless thirst to reach new heights of creativity. The actress purchased the Brody Home — “one of the most distinguished and architecturally significant homes of Los Angeles,” according to Realty Today — for $40 million in January. Glass-walled bedrooms and entertaining spaces and “elegant coral trees that resemble massive bonsai plants” are just a few of the home’s affluent features, The New York Times adds.

DeGeneres agrees that the house’s luxury is unparalleled. “The light quality is incredible. Even in the hallways. Jones put in skylights so there are no dark rooms. We feel like custodians to an important piece of architecture.” When asked whether she and de Rossi would eventually move on and relocate again, DeGeneres answered, “I think there’s nowhere to go from here. It’s the best house I’ve ever lived in. Where would I go?”

“When you’re dealing with the type of money that’s involved with when buying a new home, working with somebody that you trust is very important,” explains Michelle Dohrwardt, Office Manager of Dodson Custom Homes LLC.

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