Dry Cleaning How Does It Work?

Dry cleaning has been around for many years, but the process still fascinates most people who don’t know how it works. The Youtube video “How Dry Cleaning Works” shows how garments are cleaned using this method. Let’s find out more!

The truth about dry cleaning is that it’s not dry at all, but they don’t use water as people do at home in a washing machine.

Video Source

Instead, clothes are moistened with a solvent such as a hydrocarbon, making it an organic process. Aside from the solvent, dry cleaning places use soap and machines to clean the pieces. When the clothes are ready, they remove the solvent and dry the clothes.

Once that’s done, the garments are ready for pressing. A dry cleaning store will inspect the pieces first to ensure that all the buttons and other things are in order. Then they can take it to the pressing department, where steam is blown at the clothes. After that, they wet-vacuum the moisture off the clothes, firming them up. Finally, it’s ready to be picked up by the customer.

You can check the rest of the video for more details about how dry cleaning works.

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