Cosmetic Renovation Checklist for Your Home

Are you planning to do a renovation to make your home look better? Aesthetics is the main reason homeowners do a renovation. According to Verana, a whopping 47% of homeowners do remodeling to improve the look of their homes. However, even with such as intention, home renovation often leads to more than aesthetics – you get functionality and style too. For instance, if you remove diseased trees, your home becomes a safer place. Discover nine projects you should add to your cosmetic renovation checklist this year.

1. New Gutters

On the top of your cosmetic renovation checklist should be installing new gutters. The work won’t lead to structural changes, but the results will be increased curb appeal and a fresh look. Modern gutter systems come in various materials and colors, thus giving you multiple options that match your overall home style. Even with a beautiful external structure, old, rusty, and dented gutters can detract from the overall beauty.

The good part about renovating gutters is you get more than looks—you get functionality too. Over time, old gutters can cause water damage because they cannot effectively channel waste rainwater. Installing a new gutter protects your siding, landscaping, and foundation from water damage. During the renovation, a technician may add a gutter leaf guard to prevent the accumulation of debris, and thus, you will have less maintenance work.

To get the best results, you’ll need to work with an experienced technician to do assessments. They’ll check if the gutter is dented, damaged, or rusted. You can proceed to select materials such as aluminum, copper, or steel, depending on your needs and style. The technician will determine the adequate size and place the gutters to ensure proper water channeling.

2. New Flooring

Adding new flooring is one of the ultimate ways to do a cosmetic renovation that’ll dramatically transform your home. Choosing the right flooring will give an instant uplift to the atmosphere. Installing a new floor is a great way to keep up with modern flooring trends, such as a preference for warm wood colors. If you recently renovated the rest of the house, new flooring will provide visual continuity because you can coordinate it to match other elements in the house.

New flowing also has advantages besides making your house pop with color and warmth. If you choose the right material, the new floor can outlast heavy traffic and cost you less in maintenance. Even more, you can show off your personality with new flooring. You can imbibe your personality, style preferences, and design choices to create a customized living space you’ll love.

Your choice of flooring contractors can make or break your renovation project, so you should always go for experienced professionals with a good track record. The first step they’ll help you with is a material selection from hardwood to vinyl, depending on your preferences and budget. They’ll then prepare the subfloor by removing every imperfection before installing the new flooring.

3. Tree Removal

Strategic tree removal can increase the aesthetics of your home and improve home safety. Overgrown and obstructive trees make your house invisible, but removing them can ensure the architecture of your house is visible from afar. If you have diseased and unruly trees on your property, they can detract from the overall beauty, but local tree removal can allow for a more organized and aesthetic landscape. Besides, pruning or removing overgrown trees will improve natural lighting.

If you want to remove dead and diseased trees as part of your cosmetic renovation, it’s essential to consult an arborist. They’re professionals with knowledge of tree assessment, maintenance, and removal. Arborists can help you understand local regulations about tree removal and guide you on any permits needed. If you have more than one tree requiring removal, they can help craft a priority list based on other factors, such as safety.

While tree removal can help improve aesthetics, there are other benefits too. The most obvious one is safety. A dead tree could easily fall during a windy day, damaging property and harming your loved ones. It could also infect other trees leading to financial loss and more problems. According to a report by PBS, an emerald ash borer affected and killed 100 million trees in 10 years. With the diseased tree out of the way, your landscape can be healthier and more flexible for other designs.

4. Water Pumping

Water is a key ingredient for every well-looking home, so fixing your well pumps should go to your cosmetic renovation checklist. For starters, efficient landscaping ensures an improved landscape of well-watered gardens and plants. You can also add visually appealing water features such as fountains and small ponds that rely on pumped water. Besides, functional water pumps ensure you have a regular supply of clean water you can use for cleaning.

Before installing any pumps, you should have a professional do assessment first. What’s your typical water usage in the house, landscaping area? What’s the local climate like?

Once you have this information, you can choose a pump matching your home’s needs. Ensure a professional installs the pump to prevent issues later that’ll cost you more. They can also help you craft a maintenance plan for regular inspection and servicing.

Apart from helping your property look lush and well maintained, fixing your well-pump has other benefits. You can customize the water pumping systems for irrigating different types of plants. Some come with possibilities of automation that deliver water after taking factors such as temperature and sunshine, and thus, you can minimize water wastage.

5. New Bathroom

A bathroom uplift doesn’t have to change the fundamental structure to give an impressive look. You can create an elegant and relaxing atmosphere by introducing modern fixtures and layouts that improve your home’s aesthetics. A new bathroom is more than a cosmetic renovation—it’s an opportunity to create visual cohesion by matching tiles to walls and tubs to taps for a coordinated and visually pleasing look.

Renovating a bathroom starts with design and planning work. A contractor will show you design options that can help you refine your vision of the bathroom, from the materials to the fixtures. Some will also provide a project cost estimate to help you make an informed decision. Next, they’ll have the plumbing work, such as piping and septic service, done to pave the way for construction. They’ll then proceed to construction and final finishes depending on your taste.

Renovating your bathroom will improve your house’s appearance and help sell the home faster if you plan on selling. According to Bank Rate, you can recoup 66.7% of your renovation investments. Reconstructing your bathroom is also a great chance to improve other bathroom-related amenities; for example, you can do sewer repair and fix the water tank.

6. High-Quality Deck

Your deck is an extension of your outdoor living space and thus should end up on your cosmetic renovation list. Extending your deck creates ample space for the relaxation and enjoyment of nature. Renovation is a good time to use better materials such as composite or hardwood because they are durable and good for elevating the deck’s look and performance. You can even go the extra with a customized design with built-in seating, a grill, and planters.

To create a visually appealing space, consider a harmonious integration of the overall home color scheme, style, and landscaping to create a seamless look that transitions from the interior to the exterior. Proceed to surround the deck with lush landscaping that includes flowering plants, shrubs, and trees for that picturesque setting. For you to continue enjoying the pristine surrounding, it’s essential to implement a maintenance schedule that includes cleaning, scrubbing, and refinishing.

Before renovating, consult a qualified deck contractor to plan the layout, size, and types of materials. Deck projects are some of the most popular for DIYers, but if you want a durable one done efficiently, consider relegating the whole project to a pro. They’ll help you select materials known for durability and high-quality aesthetics. Ensure safety elements such as handrails, lighting, and non-slip surfaces are incorporated. The result will be a highly-functional, visually pleasing, and relaxing livable space for entertainment and relaxation.

7. New Kitchen

The kitchen is the number one item on the cosmetic renovation checklist because of the incredible transformation it delivers. You can update it with modern designs and trends, such as a new color palette for your walls, appliances, and lighting. Complementary colors and textures create a well-coordinated look that is attractive to the eye. You can create unique focal points, such as kitchen islands or unique artwork to decorate your kitchen.

If you want maximum curb appeal in your kitchen, ensure a consistent style. For instance, align your kitchen design style with the interior to create a cohesive look. If possible, consider an open space concept because it blends seamlessly with adjacent living and dining rooms, thus improving functionality with aesthetics. Also, work with drain cleaning companies to ensure no clogged and dirty drains in or around your kitchen.

A new kitchen will be a beautiful addition to your family and more. For instance, a kitchen redo can increase home value if you plan on selling your home. According to Kallista, you can expect an average ROI of 52.5% to 71.2%. Even if you don’t sell your kitchen, you’ll have a personal enjoyment space that’s beautiful and functional enough to create good meals and happy memories. You and your family can enjoy a relaxed space with less clutter and old appliances.

8. Emergency Generators

Backup generators indirectly improve curb appeal by ensuring an uninterrupted power supply. Imagine you have grand, inspiring chandeliers and landscape lights, but no one can see them or your property because of an outage. Generators ensure that everything you have worked so hard for during your cosmetic renovation remains visible even in adverse conditions. You can match functionality with style with modern, sleek, and minimalist generators. They can discreetly integrate with the landscape, thus minimizing their visual impact in your garden.

Before you install a generator, you’ll need a power assessment of your needs during an emergency blackout. Depending on your home’s needs and budget allocations, you can choose from the standby, house, or portable versions. Also, consider what fuel source you’d like to use in your property, from natural gas, propane, or diesel. It’s best to have a professional install the generator for safety and warranty reasons. Companies may refuse to reimburse you if a component gets damaged during DIY installation.

An emergency generator may improve curb appeal by providing power for lighting, but there’s more. In an emergency, such generators improve safety by helping you see clearly, preserve medical supplies and keep communications open. They also ensure convenience even when the power goes out. You can cook, warm yourself and preserve food without disruptions.

9. New Roof

A new roof is like a breath of new life on your home. It improves curb appeal by eliminating the look of old and worn-out shingles. A well-installed roof will have symmetry and clean lines; thus, your roof will become a focal point for the eyes. Besides, using the right choice of materials and colors add harmony and coordination to your roof, leaving it the admiration of the neighborhood.

Before installing a new roof will begin with a roof inspection. A residential roofing contractor will thoroughly assess the best way to remove the old roof and install the new one. An experienced roofer will ensure the new installation brings architectural harmony by helping you select materials that match your home’s style. They may also add decorative shingles to add character to your roof.

To bring it all together, cosmetic renovation improves the overall aesthetics of your home, but it also adds other advantages, such as increased functionality and home value. The best renovation strategy is considering the desired improvement and prioritizing projects offering the most value. It’s also essential to consider other factors, such as safety and functionality when deciding which projects go to your renovation checklist.

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