Commercial Office Remodel Ideas

An office is a place where you need to bring your creativity and productivity, but that will seldom happen if you are not inspired. In that regard, you may want to implement the following commercial office remodel ideas if yours is looking and feeling somewhat bland.

Implement Urban Space Planning

Many commercial establishments are starting to borrow ideas from urban space planning as far as their layouts. You see, urban space planning is about ensuring that spaces fill particular needs when required. This simply means that your workspace needs more than a meeting room and a desk. You need to think about areas for meeting, relaxing, and eating as well. This can mean libraries and comfortable seating or furniture that is designed to increase interaction.

Repair the Drainage System

As you run an office or any commercial space, you need to keep in mind that it cannot run without a septic tank and a drainage system, otherwise you will constantly be looking for commercial plumbing services that will not bear any fruit. In that regard, you want to make sure that your drainage system is in proper working order and, if not, hire professionals to handle the problem.

Create a Lounge Area

Granted, an office is about productivity and work, but it cannot be all about that all the time. People need some downtime as well to refuel their productivity reserves. One of the best commercial office remodel ideas to guarantee that this happens is creating a lounge area in the office.

It allows employees to work comfortably as well as socialize with each other, not to mention that it offers a way for people to take a break from their desks without leaving the building. This is beneficial to the organization as it reduces time wastage.

Streamline Spaces by Hiding Cables

It started with going wireless, then wireless. However, most work environments still have to deal with cables and wires. Of course, this can cause cluttering, which is not very good for the work environment or any other environment for that matter. That is why one of the best commercial office remodel ideas has to be hiding cords and cables beneath furniture, wall panels, and flooring. This creates an uncluttered and streamlined space that is ideal for working.

Create Versatile Workspaces

Every second counts in a work environment, so you don’t need employees moving from one work area to another just to accomplish tasks. This leads to a lot of time wastage. It is no wonder then that multipurpose workstations make some of the most used commercial office remodel ideas.

A workstation that contains everything that a worker may need is a good idea, seeing as they won’t have to lose their train of thought or waste time going to another desk to complete jobs.

Incorporate Nature

Did you know that when exposed to nature, workers tend to be more productive? You can therefore incorporate some greenery into your office as one of your commercial office remodel ideas. Find a few houseplants and place them strategically in your office for the same reason as well as improve the visual appeal. It is also worth noting that plants work to purify the air. Who wouldn’t want that?

Add Pops of Color

Color has a massive effect on how individuals function in a given setting. Regrettably, most office environments shy away from bold colors, hence choosing to be neutral and conservative in their approach. Nevertheless, you can add a pop of color to your office space as one of your commercial office remodel ideas. Introduce small pops of bold color to your space through accessories such as flower vases, pencil holders, or even office chairs to avoid losing the corporate ambiance or overpowering the space.

Integrate Texture

A flat office is boring. It has no aesthetic and no soul and that has got to be the worst place to spend your time. In that regard, you want to introduce some texture into the mix. You can do that by incorporating different shapes and designs into the space as well as texturizing your walls.

Make Space Playful

Newer companies like to integrate fun into work and they do that by transforming the office setting. If you are looking for commercial remodeling ideas, you can make your workspace more playful. How do you do that? A good idea would be to put up hammocks, yoga balls, and climb walls. Not only will this make your office look good, but it will also motivate people to come to work and increase their productivity.

Use Adjustable Furnishings

The employees at your office come in all sizes and shapes. Wouldn’t it then make sense to get furniture that can accommodate that? You don’t have to buy new chairs and desks whenever a new employee joins your team. To that effect, you may want to invest in adjustable furniture that can be altered in terms of height and support. This will reduce fatigue and chances of injury and, in the process, you will have made use of one of the best commercial office remodel ideas.

Make it a Green Working Space

In today’s world, people are looking to make their commercial spaces green and eco-friendly. You shouldn’t be left out. You may have gone paperless, but you also want to ensure that the flow and design of your workspace are sustainable as well. To do that, consider replacing your office furniture, paint, and flooring with eco-friendly options. While at it, consider getting energy-efficient appliances.

Introduce Zen Principles

The Zen design has been in effect for a while now and has taken over bathrooms and spas. We think that offices should join that bandwagon as well. Zen principles involve creating a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere that in turn increases work efficiency. Think about muted colors combined with tranquil sounds and smooth lines. This not only makes for one of the greatest commercial office remodel ideas but also creates a peaceful and conducive working environment.

Generalize the Space

In the past, having an office for each employee with four walls and a door was the in thing. However, times have changed and open office spaces are now trendy. This puts employees on a level field, hence facilitating better working relationships and fostering better communication. Turning your old-fashioned office space into an open modern one is also one of the ingenious commercial office remodel ideas as it not only improves functionality but also increases the aesthetic appeal.

Replace or Repair the Roof

You can’t have a leaking roof for your office. If you have issues, you want to enlist the services of a commercial roofing service company to take care of that problem for you. You may be tempted to overlook this, but when the rain starts hitting, you will regret not having acted on time. Hire a commercial roofer even if you are in the middle of summer to replace or repair your roof if you have confirmed that it has any issues.

Create Casual Meeting Spaces

For most companies, meetings are paramount, with employees constantly moving from one meeting to another. As you can imagine, the meeting room turns out to be an area that employees dread. Nonetheless, it doesn’t have to be that way. As one of your commercial office remodel ideas, you can create casual meeting spaces that are not as stiff as the average meeting room. These spaces should look more like breaks or lounge rooms and less like boardrooms. Incorporate things like bookshelves, snack tables, and informal seating like beanbags and watch it turn into a space where people want to hold meetings every time.

Consider Outdoor Work Areas

Imagine sitting at your office desk during the summer. It could be one or two things. First, you yearn to be outside and feel the sunshine on your skin, or you are too hot and want to catch a breeze outside. In that regard, you may want to take the office outside at times. Set up office furniture outside the office if you have space and let your employees work from there when it is ideal. This will not only make your organization different, but it will also improve the productivity rate of your employees. Now, not every commercial office space has the space to accommodate outdoor work areas, so it would be understandable if you are not able to do this. However, if your budget allows, get a commercial mover to relocate your office to an area that will facilitate this.

Put up Wall Graphics

Wall graphics can introduce personality to your office space, especially when used cleverly. A wall graphic can bring your company culture and brand to life as well as motivate your employees. Communicating your company culture through whatever it does is a major part of creating the surroundings you want for your employees. The same can also be used alongside other things like furniture to come up with different zones for different activities. For instance, calmer wall graphics can be used to signpost an area that requires concentration, while a busier one can be used in spaces required for discussion and collaboration.

Incorporate a Work Kitchen or Café

Do you know if any of your employees need to warm some food while they are at the office? Chances are that there are quite a few. How about designating a small space to be the office kitchen where you can have a mini-fridge to store snacks, a microwave for warming food, and a water dispenser? Your employees will never have to eat cold lunches or remain thirsty until work hours are over. As you consider the kitchen, think about having a work café as well, where your employees can be served meals. That can save them a lot of trouble and money as well as add to the beauty of your office space.

Install an HVAC Unit

The need for favorable temperatures in the office setting can never be overemphasized. You don’t want your employees freezing in the winter or melting during the summer. A heating and cooling unit can come to your rescue then. If you already have one, consider scheduling HVAC maintenance to ensure that it is in great working condition.

Make Mobility Easy

Sure, employees get to work out by climbing stairs to their workspaces, but that can be cumbersome and difficult to do all the time, especially for those with physical disabilities. In that regard, you may want to have an elevator installed in your building. If you already have one and it is not functioning, you should consider getting elevator repair from professionals.

Make the Necessary Repairs

Things are bound to be damaged in your work area, but that doesn’t mean that you should leave them as they are. One of the ways to remodel your office space involves carrying out all the necessary repairs just to ensure that you run your business seamlessly. Therefore, whether you need a commercial garage door repair or window repair, get the required professionals to do it.

Spruce up the Exterior

The exterior of your office could use some remodeling as well. After all, it is the first thing that people will see before coming in. Therefore, you may want to plant some flowers, or put up a commercial chain link fence to increase its curb appeal. Just keep in mind that you will also need to invest in a commercial garden hose to water your flowers.

With all these office remodeling ideas, you can transform your work area into a more functional and visually appealing space. The best part is that most of the ideas will not cost you much and, even if they do, it is a small price to pay for the productivity you will get from your employees because of the remodeling.

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