How Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Could Help Revive Struggling Cupcake Chain

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People don’t often realize that they may need some assistance from bankruptcy lawyers until they are fairly far down the path of needing this help. The problem is that many do not want to even think about a chapter 7 bankruptcy because it has so much stigma attached to it. That said, the truth is that there are millions of active bankruptcies in the United States alone, and most people are not talking about them because they don’t want to feel the embarrassment or shame that could come with this.

All types of bankruptcies come with some downsides to them of course. You don’t get to walk away completely unharmed in terms of your credit, but you should still ask yourself am I eligible for chapter 7 bankruptcy if you feel that the pressures of your debts have come down on you in such a way that there is simply no hope that you will be able to keep up. In those scenarios, it is completely reasonable to ask yourself what your next steps are and how you can get yourself into a courtroom and moving towards a more useful way to resolve your debts and get things taken care of once and for all.

On Friday, July 11, cupcake chain Crumbs Bake Shop filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy after closing dozens of its store locations earlier in the week.

According to a July 12 Time article, Crumbs intends to use its bankruptcy as a way to sell its business to a large investor group and eventually reopen its business, which primarily offered high-end, specialty cupcakes.

And according to the Los Angeles Times, a financier group including CNBC star Marcus Lemonis and Fischer Enterprises, which bailed Dippin’ Dots out of bankruptcy in 2012, is already planning to revive Crumbs and make its business model more sustainable.

“The company has limited cash, and we are trying to come up with a situation that allows the company to remain viable,” Lemonis told the Los Angeles Times. “We are in the final stages of working on a plan to get the stores reopened and people rehired.”

Part of the business overhaul that Lemonis and Fischer Enterprises are planning is to make Crumbs more than just a shop that sells pricey, over-sized cupcakes. This includes an expansion of Crumbs’ offerings to include other sweets and coffee offerings, the Los Angeles Times reports.

“My main goal is to rescue the business,” Lemonis said. “I truly believe in the brand.”

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