Cathay Pacific Flight Attendants Say Uniforms are Too Sexy

While sexy flight attendants might be a part of pop culture, playing roles in a number of movies and even a Britney Spears music video, sex appeal isn’t generally the goal for workers. Cathay Pacific stewardesses have asked for their uniforms to be changed, saying that their current ones are, in fact, too sexy.

According to the Cathay Pacific Flight Attendants Union (FAU), the skirts hug their figures too tightly and blouses are too short, often revealing midriffs. The group says that the stewardesses face sexual harassment once every 10 flights, and the uniforms are partially to blame.

“The blouse is too short and does not cover enough,” FAU spokeswoman Michelle Choi said. “Whenever a flight attendant bends down, her waistline is exposed. We believe the company intentionally does this to make us look a bit sexier and to let the passenger see more.”

“They are worried about the uniform being too short when they work,” FAU vice chairman Julian Yau says, hinting that the uniforms may open the door for cases of sexual harassment.

“We welcome feedback from the crew and certain modifications have also been made after the launch in 2011, including the length of the blouse and the tightness of the skirt. Crew are welcome to exchange their uniform any time if they feel the fit is not right,” said a Cathay Pacific spokesperson.

Shortly after introducing the new uniforms in 2011, Cathay Pacific received criticism for not just the uniforms, but for its portrayal or flight attendants as “submissive eye candy.” Plus, the company has been under fire for not working to eliminate a culture of sexual harassment.

“When you report it to the flight manager, they always say it is the crew member’s decision whether or not to call the police,” Choi also said. “They tell you, ‘It’s your decision. Do you want to delay the flight by calling the police?'”

‘We do not tolerate any form of harassment and take the issue of sexual harassment very seriously,” the spokesperson also said, defending the company’s anti-harassment policies. “We support active measures that discourage and prevent its occurrence in the workplace. This is a society-wide issue that should be addressed by all sectors and industries.”

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