Canadian provinces experience extreme rainfall

A large part of Canada’s southern prairie provinces was recently hit by an entire spring’s worth of rainfall in a mere 48-hour span, resulting in flash floods, flooded basements and closed roadways.

According to a June 29 Globe and Mail article, at least 40 communities throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba were in a state of emergency as many people gave up on pumping almost 200 millimeters of rain out of their basements and abandoned their homes.

The average rainfall for the entire month of June is a mere 92 millimeters, according to the Globe and Mail. The flooding also came after an abnormally wet spring that rendered many farmers unable to plant seeds for their crops, a devastating impact for a region that relies so much on agriculture.

“This kind of freak weather occurance usually catches people off guard and unfortunately many of the homes and businesses affected by this flooding were more than likely not prepared with proper foundation and basement waterproofing that could have saved them from a lot of the damage” said Andrew, Owner of Aqua Tech Waterproofing.

In addition to flooding basements across the region, CBC reported that eight highways and countless smaller roads had to be closed due to the flooding, closing off access to many communities.

And as of right now, there’s no definite number of how many people or homes were affected by the floods, according to the Globe and Mail.

“It’s early yet to determine the number of individuals. There will be a significant number of folks,” Duane McKay, Saskatchewan’s director of emergency management, said. “We haven’t had any reports of any life threatening issues.”

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