Burger King Roof Mysteriously Catches Fire, Alarms Fail to Sound

In the early hours of Labor Day, a fire broke out in a Holyoke, Massachusetts Burger King, which caused extensive damage to roof of the fast food establishment.Shortly after midnight, Holyoke Fire Department crews were dispatched to the Burger King after receiving reports of flames in the top of the building. Though they were quickly able to extinguish the fire, crews stayed on hand to examine the building’s roof.

The fire apparently started in one of Burger King’s vents, and spread to the restaurant’s roof, which now has holes in it. However, there’s still no word as to how much damage the fire caused to the roof, though the cost is likely to be high.

According to Kudzu.com, the cost of fire restoration can be anywhere between $2,000 to $50,000, depending on a number of factors.

Of course, the roof needs to be repaired, regardless of the cost.

Part of what made this fire so problematic and damaging was the fact that the alarms didn’t go off. It was the staff who actually noticed the smoke and flames when they were closing up.Thankfully, the employees all made it out uninjured, and no firefighters were injured in the course of extinguishing the flames.

There’s still no word as to what caused the fires to start in the vents, or why the alarms didn’t go off, but each will be decided after a thorough investigation.

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