British Tank Crashes Through Elderly Couple’s Fence

Many homeowners put fences up around their yards to help keep unwanted guests — like deer, rabbits, or neighbors’ dogs — from getting into their yards. Sometimes, though, the unwanted guests are a bit too big to be held back, as one elderly couple recently found out when a British tank swerved off a road in Germany and crashed through their garden.

The BBC reports that an armored Warrior infantry fighting vehicle, which comes fitted with a turret mounted 30mm Rarden cannon and eight 94mm light anti-armour weapon HEAT rockets, plowed through the garden of Ulrich Tilsner, a 67-year-old from Paderborn, Germany, and stopped just before crashing into his house, understandably leaving him and his wife “in shock.”

According to the British Army, the tank, which belongs to a nearby military driving school that’s owned by Paderborn Garrison of the British Army, experienced a mechanical fault, causing it to veer off the road.

“My grandfather called me and said, ‘I’m a bit late, I have a tank in the garden,'” Stephanie Ney, the Tilsners’ granddaughter, told the German newspaper Neue Westfalische. Ney then said she rushed to her grandparents’ house, where she discovered “a tank in the middle of the hedge and soldiers everywhere, and our dog was barking furiously.”

The Ministry of Defense reported that no one was hurt in the incident, luckily. That is, unless you count the Tilsners’ fence and one of their shrubs, which a spokesperson confirmed had indeed been damaged by the 50,800-pound, unbelievably impressive complement of weaponry.

The spokesperson also confirmed that the incident was caused when “something came loose,” and that an investigation was indeed underway.

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