Big Colors are the Trend for Decks and Outdoor Spaces in 2014

Summer is almost here, which means BBQs and drinks out on the deck under the sunshine are not far away. With the warm months fast-approaching, now is the time to upgrade, repair, and stain decks to get them ready for a relaxing summer.

By 2016, according to predictions, the outdoor living spaces industry will be worth a whopping $5.7 billion and, according to the American Institute of Architects, 63% of architects say that an outdoor living space is the most common “special function room” in home construction. This year, one of the most popular trends for both new and old decks is adding bright colors to their deck stains.

Waterproofing and making sure wood doesn’t warp or lose its fresh look should always be a priority, and clear stains that give a clean, natural look still have their place. But many homeowners are choosing to upgrade their outdoor spaces with bright inviting colors.

“There are practical reasons for the trend,” says Jeff Wilson, a star on the HGTV/DIY network. “First, most decks are made of pressure treated lumber, which has less natural color and grain than more expensive woods like redwood and cedar. And even those woods will lose their natural color with time.”

But, of course, creativity plays a role in why homeowners are choosing to add bold colors to their decks. “Decks today are viewed as outdoor living rooms. Deck owners want to express their individual style with colors and deck accessories.”

Adam Zamanini, vice president of marketing for Trex Company, which manufactures wood-alternative decking and railing, echoes that sentiment.

“Decks and porches are now considered true extensions of a home’s living space,” he said. “People are showing increased interest in maximizing the function, comfort and personalization of their outdoor spaces and are realizing that it’s far more economical to expand their living space outside than to enlarge or renovate their home’s interior.”

Though decks might be used more for storage than an outdoor living space, homeowners can certainly add a shot of life to their yard if they add unique colors and stains.

“Color coordinating is definitely important,” says Mike McCort, owner of Amish Mike. “Whether someone is trying to match their house or accent their deck or pool, they’ll want to make sure that everything is consistent.”

Now is the time to get your deck ready for fun and relaxing summer afternoons and evenings outside. Homeowners who want to keep up with the latest trends should not be afraid to add a punch of color.

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