Beyonce to Leave Jay Z? Bey Looking at Luxury Apartments

Rumor has it that Beyonce and Jay Z, the celebrity power couple who just finished their On The Run tour, are splitting up after sources claim that Beyonce is searching for a new luxury apartment in New York City — without her hubby.

Two weeks after Bey’s sister Solange Knowles was caught on video lashing out against Jay, onlookers spotted Beyonce looking at a lovely apartment in Chelsea that costs a cool $21.5 million.

“She was very quiet, as if she was looking on the sly,” a source from The New York Post stated. Jay wasn’t with her as she went looking for luxury apartments and many believe he would not be keen on leaving their Tribeca apartment.

It was not mentioned if she was in the market to purchase or rent the space, but either way it would cost quite a bit for the location.

“Although the ‘American Dream’ seems to always include a home with a white picket fence, for millennials and other professionals who may change jobs or cities every few years, the flexibility of renting is an advantage that many people are rediscovering after the most recent housing crisis,” says Svetlana Mosyurovam, marketing executive at Post Brothers Apartments in Philadelphia.

The apartment in question is half the size of their Tribeca pad, coming in at around 4,045 square feet. Based on the size of the place, it does not look like Jay Z is ready to downsize — just Beyonce. A place that size would not be able to accommodate both superstars.

“There’s no way a $20 million apartment is for her mother or her sister. That would be wildly unlikely,” said the New York Post source.

If this place was for her sister or mother, she would most likely be looking to rent the place. Professionally managed apartments offer more financial security and provide residents with a higher standard of service such as on-site maintenance and first-class amenities.

This siting of Beyonce occurred just a day after another report was released stating the reasons why her sister lashed out against Jay Z: That he was a bit too close with his designer Rachel Roy, and that he had a supposed affair with Rihanna not too long ago.

So the search for the new pad could very well be the beginning of the end, but at least she will still be able to live large in that $20 million apartment without Jay.

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