Better Business Bureau Warns Consumers About Letters From Santa Scam

It’s hard to believe that a handwritten letter from Santa could be sinister in any way, shape or form, and yet the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning consumers against them. Apparently, fraudulent websites promising such innocent tokens of holiday spirit aren’t delivering.

According to the BBB, con artists are sending an email around, offering a “Handwritten Letter from Santa to Your Child.” The email’s link then takes consumers to a website that promises both a customized letter from Santa, and an official “nice-list certification” for just $19.99.

Unfortunately, unwitting consumers are not only gypped out of $20 and a present for their kids, but their credit card information, too.

The BBB also warns that there are other iterations of this scam out there. Another one doesn’t actually request any credit card info, but does require users to enter tons of personal info, such as their full names, addresses, and phone numbers. Once obtained, these fraudsters then turn around and sell this information to spammers.

The BBB is also sure to note that not all companies offering such holiday treats are con artists. Consumers would just be wise to do their homework and find out if the service is legitimate or not.

In order to avoid getting scammed, the BBB recommends consumers check the service’s website for genuine contact information before making a purchase. It’d also be wise to call or email first, just to really make sure it checks out.

They also recommend reading through the website, checking its quality. If a site has poor grammar and several misspelled words, it could very well be a fraud, and may need to be reported.

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