Best Hole in One in Mini-Golf History or Luckiest?

Miniature golf is a summer staple in America, and for good reason, too. It’s much easier than full size golf, consequently making it more enjoyable and accessible to more people. What’s more, who doesn’t love all the unique challenges there are? What’s better than golfing against dinosaurs, pirates, or roller coasters?Although mini-golf is easier than its full sized counterpart, it’s still incredibly tough to make a hole in one. After all, you’ve got windmills swiping away at your ball, raptors trying to eat it, and other zany things in your way. So when you somehow manage to defy the odds and sink the shot in just one skillful stroke of luck, it should be celebrated.

That being said, not all holes in one are created equal. Some are more worthy of praise than others.

One lucky mini-golfer has earned the substantive praise he’s now getting online for his one minute long hole in one. Yes, you read that right. It took his ball a full minute to fall after he tapped it.

After lazily floating down a stream for about 60 seconds, the ball suddenly hits a fast current and rushes down through the rest of the course and rockets out and into the hole.

“Miniature golf has alot more holes-in-one,” says Aleda Nelson of Hole-In-One USA. “A real hole-in-one on a golf course is much more difficult. Weather conditions affect the shot and yardage plays a big part. The longer the hole, the more difficult it is to make a hole-in-one.”Of course, the shot took bucketfuls of luck to make, but is still well worth the commendation.

Maybe next time you hit the green of your favorite mini-golf spot, you can pull of a similarly spectacular shot?

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