Bermuda Gets Ready for 2017 America’s Cup With New Changes

Sail boatDocks in the Bermuda area have begun construction for the 2017 America’s Cup, which the country has been chosen to host. Yet while preparation begins, some commercial boaters worry that the construction will affect the usage of the docks, according to The Royal Gazette.

The America’s Cup, referred to as the “Auld Mug,” is the trophy that is awarded to the winner of a series of competitive yacht sailing. The race is between one defending ship and a challenging ship, which are determined through a series of elimination tests.

The preliminary races are scheduled to take place between October 16 and 18, but control of a portion of the docks will be turned over to competitors starting October 9th.

Despite the financial increase that local businesses should expect to see during the America’s Cup races, there are still some concerns about how the dock will run with the extra activity. According to Warren Jones, chief of Stevedoring Services, 98% of imports comes in through docks.

“There are some concerns out there,” says Jones. “And there is no need for concern. It will have an effect, but the impact will be limited.”

Jones says he will work together with importers, HM Customs, and truckers to ensure minimal impact on the docks during this period. The dock was already experiencing delays after they were down to one crane instead of two while a new crane pad is being built.

Without the correct amount of crane pads, the second crane cannot be used to put boats in the water, which can cause some backup.

According to Jones, there are a few ways businesses can help keep the backup to a minimum. He urges importers to make sure their containers are picked up from the docks quickly and asks if they can put off overseas deliveries until the American Cup races are over.

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