The Avengers’ Tower is Now Real… Kinda

Anyone who has ever wanted to live in Tony Stark’s Avengers Tower may finally be able to live the dream. Absolook Interior Design recently remodeled the inside of a home in Singapore to look like the headquarters of Earth’s mightiest heroes.

First up is the Iron Man bedroom. The bed is decked out in rich, luxurious looking black, red, and gunmetal colored sheets, and sits below a picture of Iron Man with his repulsor ray at the ready. Opposite the bed is a TV, which is mounted on an arc reactor (Iron Man’s de factor logo), and if you wanted to get a better view of Tony Stark’s symbolic triangle, you need only to look up, as there’s another one on the ceiling.

“Choose wonderful color for your master bedroom and it will become the room of your dreams,” Absolook Interior Design wrote on Facebook. “Enriched with Iron man’s deep and rich colors, the room is sure to catch lots of attention.”

The kitchen is Hulk-themed, which you would know by the massive picture of the rage monster busting through the wall, or by the green cabinets, or by the ceiling paint that makes the lights look as though they’re bursting through.

“With the Hulk dominating the kitchen, need we say more about this marvelously green kitchen?” said Absolook Interior Design on Facebook.

In the living room, there’s a floor-to-ceiling Avengers logo, which can be used as a bookshelf, standing right besides a massive blowup of the poster from The Avengers, which shows each of the movie’s heroes in their best and most dramatic action-poses. There’s also a floor-to-ceiling S.H.I.E.L.D. logo, which holds a TV and sits between iconic pieces of comic and movie art depicting each of the Avengers.

To get a full look at the Avengers-theme, just head over to Absolook Interior Design’s Facebook page. The company is even offering to provide interested consumers with a quote for no obligation. Just don’t turn into an enormous, green rage monster if you don’t like the price.

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