Australian Manufacturer Adds New Highly Automated Tube Bending Cell to Their Facilities, Brings Jobs Home

A new state-of-the-art fully automated tube bending cell has been added to Seeley International, an Australian manufacturer.

Company founder and Executive Chairman Frank Seeley AM said that the new tube bending manufacturing cell opened in early August by New South Wales Premier the Hon. Mike Baird.

The company expects their investment to help secure and expand the local workforce.

The expansion was sought over a year ago after the company decided to manufacture heat exchanger tubes for their ducted heaters in-house instead of offshoring to another country.

After spending half a million dollars AUS on the new cell, Seeley International now has another highly automated system to complement their other manufacturing operations. They have two tube benders, one end former, and three robots to create pipes of various lengths and diameters for their heat exchangers.

The new in-house process, said Frank Seeley, has allowed the manufacturer to reduce costs all while making a higher quality product and keeping jobs in Australia. The escalating costs of outsourcing and imported tubing pushed them to make this decision.

Seeley also stated that the new cell reinforces the company’s commitment to innovation as a way to offset the higher employment rates and production costs found in Australia’s manufacturing sector. The company especially embraces new technologies and advances in automation.

Seeley International also plans to create additional jobs as their sales and production increase for their Braemar gas heaters and air conditioners. These products are manufactured at the company’s Albury plant, which currently employees more than 120 people.

If anything, the change at Seeley International reflects the growing trend of reshoring for manufacturers.

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