Artist Creates Business Cards Made Entirely of Crayons

We’re all familiar with business cards, those relatively generic rectangles of card stock that most professionals still use to exchange information or bring in new customers.

But artist and designer Dorota Pankowska has come up with a new twist on this classic networking and marketing tool. She’s calling them Crayon Business Cards, and they’re exactly what their name suggests they are: business cards made completely of melted crayons.

She first got the idea to try making something out of crayons after seeing Lego mini figures made from crayons. After a few brainstorming suggestions, she set out to make her business cards.

The raised-lettering designs, which can be viewed on her online portfolio, took about a month to create. Pankowska worked to get the precise shape correct first, having the card laser cut from acrylic so she could then create a rubber silicone mold. She used between four and five melted crayons for each card.

The results are surprisingly sleek, given the material used, with the lettering standing out both because it’s raised above the rest of the card and because Pankowska has used several contrasting colors.

And, to answer the question that must be on many readers’ minds: Yes, the cards can be used to color, just like any crayons.

Of course, the cards might not catch on in more formal industries, so Pankowska’s Crayon Business Cards are likely to remain an unlikely artistic experiment for all but the most eclectic of businesspeople. That’s especially true because the relevance of physical business cards of all kinds are being questioned as digital business cards offer organizational conveniences that paper cards simply can’t.

What’s next for Pankowska? She says she’s working on a new project, but prefers to keep it a secret for now.

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