Did argument occur right before Fort Hood attack?

The person who brutally killed 3 soldiers and wounded more than 16 people might have argued with his fellows before shooting the soldiers, the commander of the Base said on Thursday.

It has been revealed that Spc. Ivan. Lopez was the shooter who fired volley of bullets on soldiers. Officials say that he was hailing from Puerto Rico and supposed to be suffering from mental breakdown. Lt. Gen. Mark Milley said in his press conference that “there is strong possibility that Spc. Ivan. Lopez had argued with his comrades before opening his fire”. He further said that there is no evidence that he was intentionally targeting the soldiers.

It is said that before firing at soldiers, he fired a big number of bullets at the administration building. The base commander said that “the main cause of the tragic incident was the mental problem with Lopez”.  On the other hand, investigators said to a private TV channel that Lopez was not granted leave from the Army and it might be a cause of this incident.

Furthermore, a family member of Lopez said that “he was very upset when his mother had been died in November and he was not happy with Army for granting him two day’s leave”.   Apart from this, John McHugh secretary of Army said Lopez had never suffered from any injury and he was posted in Iraq as a truck driver just for 4 months.  He further said that we have checked his records and there is no sign of involvement with any extremist or terrorist organization.

lopeezBesides, in terms of behavior, his record is fine. But, we would not let this incident go in vain. We would thoroughly and deeply investigate each and everything.  Yes, we have questioned his wife, friends and his colleagues and we continue this investigation unless we do not gather some useful evidences. Last but not the least, he was suffering from traumatic injury and complained many a time about his brain condition to doctors.


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